Battlefield 2042: Patch Notes and Podcast for Season 4: Eleventh Hour Launch

On Tuesday, the start of Season 4: Eleventh Hr will bring brand-new content to the shooter battlefield.


Ultimately, we reported on the brand-new Battle Pass, while more about the upcoming period in the designer upgrade. In Episode 6 of the Podcast collection from Inside Battlefield, the liable members collected once again to talk about the brand-new FLASHING card, the professional Camila Blanco as well as more. You can listen to the podcast with these service providers: Spotify Apple Google In addition to brand-new screenshots, two graphics reveal the brand-new web content of Season 4 in a compact type.

The update for Season 4 from Battlefield 2042 will be turned out on February 28th at 10:00 a.m. The considerable patch notes with all details can be located on the official website.