Get Ready To Play: Here's What You Can Expect From The Xbox Series X In February 2023

Today we provide the Xbox Games Highlights for the month of February 2023. There are again a range of brand-new games that are waiting to secure a long-term put on your Xbox console and not be uninstalled again. With a click on the game names in the following list, you can reach the respective game overview pages. There you will receive more information about the particular title-and if you want, you can deal with the video game box directly in the Microsoft Store via the video game box in the sidebar on the introduction page. Now to the Xbox video games highlights that need to have their next month on the screen:

Xbox Games Highlights-February 2023

  • 02. February 2023-Exitman Deluxe
  • 02. February 2023-Deliver US Mars
  • 03. February 2023-Heirs of the Kings
  • 03. February 2023-Speedway Racing
  • 07. February 2023-Prison Tycoon: Under New Management
  • 09. February 2023-Repenant
  • 10. February 2023-Hogwarts Tradition
  • 10. February 2023-Hogwarts Legacy: Digital Deluxe Edition
  • 10. February 2023-Bumblebee-Little Bee Experience
  • 10. February 2023-TouchDown Pinball
  • 14. February 2023-Wanted: Dead
  • 14. February 2023-ten dates
  • 17. February 2023-Wild Hearts
  • 17. February 2023-Wild Hearts-Karakuri Edition
  • 17. February 2023-Like a Dragon: Shin! Digital-Deluxe Edition
  • 20. February 2023-Blood Bowl 3-Brutal Edition
  • 21. February 2023-Like a Dragon: Shin!
  • 21. February 2023-Atomic Heart
  • 21. February 2023-Atomic Heart-Gold Edition
  • 21. February 2023-Atomic Heart-Premium Edition
  • 21.


February 2023-Akka Arch 22. February 2023-Remoteness 23. February 2023-Chef Life-Al Forgo Edition 23. February 2023-Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator 23. February 2023-Blood Bowl 3-Imperial Nobility Edition 23. February 2023-Blood Bowl 3-Standard Edition 23. February 2023-Blood Bowl 3-Black Orcs Edition 23. February 2023-Scars above Which Xbox video games in February 2023 do you especially look forward to?