How to Find a Composite Onion in Sons of the Forest – Tips for Crafting Weapons and Exploring Areas

In Sons of the Forest, you can produce different weapons to combat adversaries. Similarly, you can also go to particular locations to get a unique tool that will certainly enhance your chances of survival. Compound onions are among these sorts of weapons, as well as you need to recognize where to locate it. Right here's how to obtain a composite onion in Sons of the Woodland.

Where is the composite onion in the Kid of the Woodland?

Block onions remain in the reduced eco-friendly point on the western half of the card. Inspect the yellow circle as well as the GPS arrowhead on the map of the map over to see the precise place.


As quickly as you obtain to this location, you need to use a shovel to dig soft land in front of the maker. After some excavating, you will observe the hatch that causes the shelter of maintenance. You will certainly likewise discover a Katina in a comparable bunker in the eastern fifty percent of the map. Get in the shelter, accompany the hallway and also get in the first door on the appropriate side. Inside this space you will find another 3D printer along with the nozzle. Go to the bathroom on the left side of the bed to find a composite onion. Take the item and also leave the bunker in the same means that gotten in. Although it can be challenging to browse on the map, we suggest using GPS papers as an approach to show particular areas.

If you concern this area before you get a shovel, then. An additional means to figure out important factors on the map is to keep in mind the surrounding topography. Remain to lower the scale and boost of the GPS card to see all the card icons located in Sons of the Woodland. Want to recognize exactly how to discover the shovel cavern in Boys of the Woodland? Discover exactly how to obtain a riser in the Kid of the Woodland and also exactly how to obtain a rope and a rope weapon in the Kid of the Woodland in professional game standards.