Is Netflix Really Going To Crack Down On Shared Accounts? Here's What We Know So Far

Almost a year ago it was announced that Netflix intends to charge more for sharing accounts to people who do not live in the same place. As this measure becomes more and more common throughout the world, the streaming company has shared new details that make it clear how this model will work.

Through his help center, Netflix has made it clear how the accounts of its platform will work in the future.


When this enters into force in your region, you will have to specify your home, which will serve as the main location. Along with this, you will have to consume a series or film of this platform from the Wi-Fi Network of the Home at least once every 31 days, in order to ensure that someone else is not using your privileges. This was what was commented:

This procedure creates a trust device, so you can see Netflix even when you are far from your main location.

When someone logs in to your account from a device that is not part of your main location, or if your account is repeatedly accessed from another location, Netflix may be blocked on the device. Now, what will happen if you go on a trip or change home? The company has indicated that changing the main location is a fast and simple process, and it will be possible to request a temporary code to obtain access to Netflix for seven consecutive days in other locations. For all those who do not want to follow these rules there will be consequences. While the user who decides to share their password to all those who do not live in their home will not be repressed, all those who use this will be blocked. However, Netflix says that adding new profiles to an account in the same location is a simple thing to do. It is clear that all these measures were created with the objective that users who already have a stable subscription are not repressed. However, all those who do not have their own account are also encouraged to do so immediately. We only have to see how the public reacts. In related issues, this is all that comes to Netflix in February. Similarly, this is the first look at the One Piece Live Action series. Editor's note: More than anything, this may cause some conflict between users who do not live in the same location. Many have chosen to cooperate so as not to have to pay the full price, and this is how multiple users enjoy the benefits without having to spend so much, although this will clearly come to an end shortly.