Lars Voßler Calls Out SC Freiburg's Deficits After Two Victories: Streich Representative Discusses SC Freiburg's Post-World Cup Break Performance

The Freiburg fans more than happy. Another victory against the state rival from Stuttgart, which was previously drifting in higher spheres, and the sixth in series versus this challenger new SC-internal Bundesliga record. Bowler was obviously likewise happy with the three points, especially because it was his very first 3 in his fourth representation for Christian Stretch, who was missing after his yellow-red card at BVB and followed the game in an arena workplace. At the start of the 2018/19 season, the SC lost without a trick (herniated disc) and with Bowler versus Frankfurt (0: 2) and in Cofferdam (1: 3), played 1-1 at Bertha BSC in the preliminary of the present season (Stretch.

Was contaminated with Corona). That is not the only factor why it was more relief for Bowler than undisturbed delight.


The SC group emerged enhanced compared to the moderate concept of the tedious 2-0 cup success in Tannhauser, however still not continually convincing. Overall, for example, in view of just 2 scoring chances, in addition to the 2 penalty bad guys converted by Vincenzo Gift and airy defense work prior to 0: 1, there is still an excellent piece up until the top type that is typically shown prior to the World Cup break. We were the better team, stated Bowler and then clearly called deficits and beginning points for the upcoming training week: We have a lot of prospectives to improve. , bring a few procedures in and after that it is constantly a matter of working through the essentials. With maximum willingness and strength, close rooms, sprint back, start..

Possibly you are a bit pleased.

These things were a bit lost, stated the 46-year-old, speculating about a somewhat lowered determination to the otherwise disciplined SC team, which would be human after such a traditionally effective run as in the very first 15 games: Maybe it is. You likewise have a bit satisfied, then these things are a bit harder, says Bowler: And after that the players will likewise become more difficult.. The SC recently felt that can resolve the victory and at least 7 points from the first five league games in 2023 with a much better sensation on the needed enhancements. As, for instance, avoiding ball losses in the center, which would result because the prepared building project was neither clearly visible nor well discussed, as Bowler criticized. This is what took place in front of the goal when Lukas Ruler lost the ball and after that, as the next protector, failed to tape-record goalscorer Chris Zurich. Bowler's conclusion: We absolutely need to do appropriately.. On Saturday in Bochum, if Stretch is permitted to coach again, the next work check is due.