Marvel's Midnight Suns: Weak courses despite good reviews

During a just recently held business conference, Take-Two-CEO Strauss Selznick talked about the industrial success of Marvel's Midnight Sun, published in December. Regardless of the predominantly positive evaluations, the sales were left behind the expectations of the publisher. As Bloomberg journalist Jason Schrader reports, Selznick is said to have actually identified the unfavorable publication window of the superhero title as one of the perpetrators for the weak sales in the early days.


In addition, the CEO presumes that Marvel's Midnight Sun, comparable to other Fir axis video games, will sell well over a longer duration of time. After the publication of the first DLC, which was released in January, which added the game Deadpool as a playable hero, including the new history and brand-new opponent types, the developers are currently working on additional post-launch material. marvels midnight sun is currently available for Xbox Series X | s, PlayStation 5 and PC. versions for xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Change are to follow.