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Microsoft calls the list of new games for the xbox game pass in February 2023. Subscribers can likewise look forward to a number of brand-new additions to the coming days and weeks, which they can play as part of their subscription. Included is the remastered version of Cities Skylines, which is readily available in time for the release on February 15 in the game relate from Microsoft.


The technically spiced-up version features 25 built-up tiles and therefore 16 additional tiles more than on Xbox One and PS4. New is a fast choice tool, enhancements in the user interface, a card editor and an enhanced graphic.

brand-new games in the Xbox Video Game Pass

Since today, both the Football simulation Madden NFL 23 (through EA Play) and the multiplayer action role-playing video game SD Gun dam Battle Alliance are available for PC and console. On February 14, Mount & Blade 2: Banner lord brand-new to the Xbox Video Game Pass. On February 16, the game flaps around Shadow Warrior 3: Conclusive Edition and Atomic Heart will be supplemented. Selected games have to leave the Game Pass again in the existing month. To name a few things, defeats, Crossfire and Infernal are erased. The titles are still readily available up until February 15th.

  • 9. February through EA PLAY MADDEN NFL 23 (console and PC).
  • 9. February-SD Gun dam Battle Alliance (pc, console and cloud).
  • 14. February Mount & Blade II: Banner lord (pc, console and cloud).
  • 15. February's cities: Skylines-Remastered (Cloud and Xbox Series X (purchase now EUR 593.90) | S).
  • 16. February Shadow Warrior 3: Conclusive Edition (console, cloud and pc).
  • 21. February-Atomic Heart (console, cloud and pc).

departures on February 15th.

  • Defeat (Game Sneak Peek) (pc, cloud and console).
  • Crossfire (cloud and console).
  • Infernal (pc, cloud and console).
  • Recompile (pc, console and cloud).
  • Soul: The Hero Slayer (console, cloud and pc).
  • Jack the beast fright (console, pc and cloud). On February 13, on the other hand, the EA Play Early Access-Trial Wild Hearts will be introduced, for Fallout 76 and The Senior Scrolls Online are brand-new benefits for members of xbox game pass Ultimate. Ultimate subscription expenses 12.99 euros each month. The standard subscriptions for PC and Xbox expense just under 10 euros each month. To web page. Share comments 1 in Twitter Share Article.