Spectacular Super Bowl LVII: Kansas City Chiefs Win 38-35 over Philadelphia Eagles in Controversial Finish

The Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl LVII 38:35 by a late basket against the Philadelphia Eagles. However, the spectacular video game was eclipsed by an unworthy holding call that basically decided and took any tension from the final phase.

Chiefs vs. Eagles: At a glimpse

  • The Eagles had the chance to leave reach prior to the break, but a number of errors kept the chiefs in the video game and provided a possibility regardless of the renewed injury problems by Patrick Mahomes.
  • In the second half, the chiefs took command, increasingly put out runs, while the Eagles showed a defense that did not work at the start with two deep security and only 4 pass rush.
  • In the end it was a not worthy referee choice, a very so frequently holding call against the Eagles, which offered the chiefs a ridge with which they could play down the clock to the basket.

Chiefs vs. Eagles: The analysis

An incredible video game concerned an unsuitable end. The Eagles had actually stopped the chiefs in the Red Zone at 3rd & 8, but an ultra-soft holding penalty jams Brad berry touched Just Smith Schuster only somewhat the last very first down at the stand of 35:35, which was enough for them, To eventually shoot the field objective to win. It is the second title for Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes, the 3rd for the chiefs as a whole. The primary actors of the very first half were plainly the Eagles. They began the game with an amazing very first drive that went over eleven moves. In the end there was a QB sneak for the touchdown of Galen Harms. In return, they attempted to cover Travis Hence Mann-Eins-Mann, which was totally back. In the end, he captured an 18-yard goal pass from Patrick Mahomes to equalize. This was followed by a quick stop of the Chiefs Defense, whereupon the offense marched across the field once again, however then contented himself with a field objective attempt at 4TH & 3 at the 24. Harrison Butler went after the kick on the left Upright. The Eagles responded to with a 45-yard touchdown pass from Injures to A.J. Brown, the novice cornerback Trent McMuffin. And after the Eagles had a quick stop on their part, they were on the turn of pulling away. But then there were further errors from the Eagles. They made a false start at 3RD & 1 and then Harms lost a fumble without requirement, which Linebacker Nick Bolton got and over 36 backyards returned to the goal, equalization Chiefs six minutes in the 2nd quarter! Afterwards, nevertheless, the Eagles took control of once again and controlled the following drive with the Run Game and Injures, which was no longer possible. In the end, Injures himself went to a 4-yard touchdown 2:20 minutes prior to the break With then more reliable pass rush, the Eagles then put Mahomes under pressure several times and linebackers TJ Edwards struck him hard on his injured ankle. The Eagles penalized and Mahomes limp from the field.

Up until the break, Philly handled a 35-yard field goal after another long pass play from Harms to Brown. 24:14 Eagles for the break.

Chiefs vs. Eagles: Chiefs as replaced after the break.

After the break, Mahomes returned somewhat in shape and after 3 runs plays in a row he began to move much better in the pocket and outdoors and likewise connect hard passes. Appropriately, it went rapidly towards the end zone. Novice Running-Back Isiah Pacheco finished a yard to the goal. The Eagles then put an almost eight-minute drive over 17 plays, which was favored by a questionable side line catch by Dallas Modern, which likewise existed after a challenge of the chiefs.


Nevertheless, prior to the break, the Eagles likewise had misfortune with a review of a supposed catch from Devon ta Smith. Eventually, however, this time it was just enough for a field objective for Philly from 33 backyards. 27:21 Eagles at the end of the 3rd quarter. The chiefs then held their foot on the gas, while the Eagles defense returned with only 4 hurries and two deep security. Mahomes crushed the Zones with Just Smith cobbler and lastly found Darius Money, who changed direction to the middle after the motion was purchased and thus completely broken down Darius Slay. He had complimentary train up to the end zone from 5 yards. 28:27 Chiefs that took the lead for the first time.

What followed was the total Disaster for the Eagles. Very first head coach Nick Giovanni decided to connect in 4th & 2 in his own half after he had formerly effectively played fourth downs two times. And after Money used the punt over 69 yards up until right before the end zone, the chiefs played the previous TD video game train once again, this time Sky Moore bare the entire left side for another goal. Andy Reid then decided to only take the additional point so that the Eagles continued to be just one rating in the back. 35:27 KC with 9 minutes on the clock. An error that the Eagles right away punished. A little later, Harms discovered Smith for a 46-yard pass to the 2-yard line, whereupon the QB itself did 2-yard touchdown run, 2-point conversion. Payment with 5:15 minutes to play! The chiefs marched into the Red Zone, got the very first down from the referees, so to speak, and Derick McKinnon stopped with a run play shortly prior to the objective line, which avoided the Eagles from getting on the ball once again.

Super Bowl LVII: Kansas City Chiefs (14-3)- Philadelphia Eagles (14-3).

Result: 38:35 (7: 7, 17: 7, 7: 3, 17: 8) Box core.

Chiefs vs. Eagles-The crucial statistics.

  • The Eagles' Opening Drive lasted 11 plays and was the longest opening drive in a Super Bowl because Super Bowl Clii when the Patriots had 12 moves versus the Giants for the goal of Laurence Marina.
  • With a goal in the very first quarter, Travis Hence Rob Minkowski (15) has overtaken (16) for the 2nd most postseason touchdowns (16). Only Jerry Rice (22) has more.
  • Currently at the break, Galen Hurts was the very first quarterback ever to ran in an extreme bowl for 2 touchdowns and tossed a minimum of one. He is also the second because Bears Quarterback Jim McMahon, who scored 2 rushing touchdowns in a very bowl. His goal in the 4th quarter then made Injures the first QB with 3 rushing goals in the Super Bowl.
  • Mahomes has actually been the very first MVP considering that 1999 (Kurt Warner), who also won the Super Bowl in the very same year.

The star of the game: Nick Bolton (Linebacker, Chiefs).

In the end, it was Bolton who made a few key plays that breathed new life into the Chiefs. The most significant play was the Fumble Return Touchdown to 14:14, which keeps KC in the video game. Otherwise, the Eagles might have pulled away early. After that he also had a couple of essential deals with and was always in the middle of it.

the flop of the game: referee.

Even prior to the impossible holding call against Brad berry, there were some scenes that were when again doubtful, consisting of the popular concern of what a catch was and what was not. The reality that this amazing video game is in the end is more than bitter from the NFL perspective. On the biggest stage, this is an eyesore in a season that was currently characterized by numerous wrong decisions. Articles and videos on the subject. Experience the NFL reside on DAZN. Register now! Can be canceled at any time. NFL Game Pass: View the Season Live!

Analysis: Chiefs vs. Eagles-die techniques panel.

  • The Eagles started strongly with all possible variations, RPO, Play Action, Run plays, a Shot Play and a sneak for the goal. Later they lived generally from RPO and designed runs from Injures in addition to one-to-one match with AJ Brown versus the two rookie-get ends. In addition, the chiefs seldom discovered an answer to Devon ta Smith in the slot.
  • The Eagles ended up being defensive, especially at 3rd Down, if they sent out 5 pass rusher, which the O-Line did not block properly. Then Mahomes likewise began to break out of the Pocket, which ultimately led to his brand-new ankle injury.
  • The Eagles had huge problems with Travis Hence at the start, which they took for some factor in MAN-coverage, partly with a linebacker partially with a security. Neither worked. Nor do he handed it into the zone. Just when Mahomes had less time to toss was it much better to disrupt Hence.
  • With constant playing time, the chiefs used their run game, initially with outside runs, later also increased by the middle, which was visibly contributed to the Eagles and disturbed their more powerful pass rush. And soon afterwards, this resulted in Mahomes offering more time to fit, which he likewise exploited.
  • The biggest problem of the Eagles, nevertheless, was that they in fact put their usual 2-deep-safe coverage once again with the start of the 2nd half and only brought 4 rush and hence ended up being inadequate.