Square Enix Welcomes Luminous Productions, Merging the Developer of Forspoken Into the Company

Square Enix has established many AAA high-definition (HD) video games and also has a wealth of intellectual residential property (IP) as well as content. Luminous Productions Co., Ltd. is at the same time equipped not just with AAA title advancement abilities however likewise technological know-how in areas such as game engine growth.

Complying with the release of For spoken previously this year, Square Enix has actually introduced that the video game's programmer, Luminescent Productions, will certainly combine right into the business.

It's an unusual statement, offered that Luminescent Productions was already a studio under the Square Enix umbrella. Now, it appears that Luminous Productions as a specific entity will certainly be no much more and also, thus, will not be seeing its name appear on future titles.


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As you can see, it's not that Luminous Productions' designers are no longer with Square Enix; it's just that the team has been combined into the larger Square Enix umbrella. As for why remains vague. Perhaps it's the outcome of For spoken's mixed function at release, but that's speculation.