Tekken 8: All The Exciting New Mechanics and Welcome Back To Nina Williams!

We still have the impression that it was the other day that we found the very first pictures of Nina Williams landing in Taken 7 with her wedding dress. In truth, it is definitely the method of the service video game and the perpetual updates that provide this incorrect impression, due to the fact that Taken 7 will celebrate its sixth anniversary on consoles and PC next June. Without even that we had time to relish his lack, so it is already Taken 8 time, which provides for the celebration a brand-new appearance in the emblematic femme fatale of the franchise.

Mid-length cut, sunglasses, leather coat and double handgun at hand, male's mills are back in organization to break numerous hearts, literally if you trust its art rage. Far from simply recalling his devoted killer, producer Mutsuhito Hard moved to the electronic camera for more than 30 minutes with director Doha Carats IKEA (already in control of Taken 7) to detail the other changes and new mechanics Bring to this new episode.

Here we are targeting the offensive perk point

With aggressiveness for keyword of the battle system, the tone is set, understanding that this direction uses as much to game mechanics as to the visual impact left by clashes (staging, unique effects). One of the goals of the development team, which is also supported by the Aria studio (Combating Ex Layer), in particular on the online video game, is to much better highlight the characteristics and specialized of each fighter. Subtitled in English, the video initially uses a pointer on the Rage System, this crucial attack system appeared in Taken 6 which allows activating a powerful attack rage art when the health gauge of the gamer turns alarmingly red and Possibly reverse the scenario in its favor, an easy pressure on the R2 secret. The 2nd subject is that of recoverable damage. Essentially, part of the damage brought on by obstructing unique attacks can still be recuperated by the player if he manages to position an attack (or force his opponent to obstruct a blow).


Hence, the concept of staying offending to be rewarded. However, the bulk of the presentation is dedicated to the Heat System and its activation conditions. This term corresponds to a short duration during which the assailant is highly advantaged. When the gauge of the very same color is emptied after a couple of seconds, this state of awakening is clearly visible by the blue aura which sparks the character and ends. 10 seconds by default, more precisely, however this duration can be extended by assaulting the opponent and forcing him to fend off (the offensive rewarded, again and again). Taken 8 remains in development on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC. As a suggestion, the Taken franchise exceeded 54 million sales last December, consisting of 10 million sales simply for Taken 7. Trailer

Taken 8-Bande-Annon de Nina Williams


Taken 8-presentation of brand-new game mechanics