Xbox Brand Infographic: Discover How Many Xbox Game Pass Subscribers There Are

Microsoft unveiled the Xbox brand infographic with various information about Xbox. Microsoft has been produced to introduce the XBOX ecosystem that is constantly expanding on this infographic, and gaming for everyone, major services, platforms, and game contents, visually unlocked various contents related to Xbox. I explained that it was made.

Through this infographic, you can check the representative franchise of Xbox Game Studios, as well as the Indie Game Developer Support Program [email protected], and also look at major information about Xbox Game Pass, a game subscription service for Microsoft, which encompasses consoles, PCs and clouds. Can.

Below is the brand infographic described by Xbox and it in it.

Game industry The game industry, worth $200 billion, is the world's largest and fastest growing entertainment field. -Today, about 3 billion people around the world are using the game, and the number of users is expected to increase to 4.5 billion by 2030.

Xbox's Vision -Giving for everyone: As the game has the power to gather people into one beyond gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, ability, education and socioeconomic background, Xbox has more billions of people around the world. We are trying to create a game experience that everyone can enjoy living a happy life.

Xbox Game Pass -Xbox Game Pass is a Microsoft game subscription service that allows you to play hundreds of high-quality games in consoles, PCs, and clouds, and the game is often added to the library so that you can always meet new games. The Xbox Game Pass, which consists of three subscription plans, has more than 25 million subscribers worldwide, consisting of three subscription plans: -GAME PASS Ultimate, PC Game Pass, and Game Pass Console.

Platform (1) console -Xbox Series X is the fastest and powerful console of Xbox, providing new levels of performance and immersion that is not found in previous generational models, and Xbox Series S is a reasonable Medical console with the smallest size in Xbox. It offers next-generation performance at price. In the -Xbox Series X | s energy saving mode can be used to reduce the energy consumption of the console, and you can download the system and game updates while using the energy saving mode. In addition, the Xbox Series X | s achieved 97% recallability.

Platform (2) PC -Windows PC, which serves as a major contact between game makers and players, has accumulated abundant history at the intersection of openness and creativity, and has been fostering various world-class game franchises.

Platform (3) Cloud -The Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta), which allows you to stream hundreds of games on various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and PCs, is available in 28 countries as part of Game Pass Ultimate, with more than 20 million people around the world Game Through PASS Ultimate, he streamed the game with Xbox Cloud Gaming (beta).

Game content Since the launch of the Xbox One Console in 2013, Microsoft's game development studio has increased from 5 to 23, and the best-selling game Mine crafts from Halo, Fora, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Age of Empire It has a variety of famous game franchises. The [email protected] program supports all game developers who meet the qualification requirements to publish games in the Xbox console, window, and the cloud, and provide tools to achieve maximum success. More than 3,000 games have been released through the program, and more than 4,600 developers from 94 countries participate in the program.


[email protected] partners' profits from Xbox have been almost doubled in three years.