ÖSV ski runner Franziska Gritsch dispenses on vaccination and missed America

The OSV Skier's Franziska Grit sch announced in a statement on Instagram not to vaccinate against the Coronavirus and takes its participation in the race in America in purchase.

On social media, the 24-year-old announced their decision: Life leads us to intersections where we have to make decisions. My decision is that I currently do not vaccinated. I think it's a very personal and individual decision and wish me That this is accepted and respected, appeals the Tyrolean.

In the US, an entry ban on unvaccinated athletes, which is why Grit sch can not participate in the race in Killing ton and canceled from the OSV bid for the overseas journey. Also, for competition in Lake Louise, Grit sch falls out.

Grit sch is therefore the first OSV ski runner who does not start due to a missing vaccine, but also behind participation in Olympics 2022 in Beijing is a big question mark for you. Currently uncovered in China after entering around three weeks in forced quarantine. Recently, FIS-renning director Peter Gordon in the TT, the vaccination obligation does not concern athletes in the US, so far only some service men and assistant trainers would have canceled.

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Last season, the technician was able to record three top ten places, in the current season it ran with a 29th place in Lech / Furs as best placement still not as desired.