Stephen Curry also shines against Cleveland for the Golden State Warriors: Still unbelievable

With another gala, Stephen Curry has led the Golden State Warriors to victory against the Cleveland Cavaliers and, above all, faded in the final section. Subsequently, a teammate assumed a curious comparison, while the Head Coach swarmed his star player, although he has been used to his achievements for years.

50, 25, 40, 24, 37 and now again 40 — these are the points yields of Steph Curry in the past games. The fact that the strong performance of the first season weeks were not a random outlier and the two-time MVP also wants to have a serious about the trophy this year, he impressively demonstrated against the Cars.

The Warriors had truly not caught a nice day against Personell Cars. Although the hosts Darius Garland was the only remaining starter, the outsider led to 13 points after three quarters, before curry took over. 20 of his 40 points he achieved in the final section, met overall excellent 15 of his 27 litters, including 9 out of 16 threesies the rest of the starters added just 26 meters!

Nothing is still surprising for me, but its amazing. It is still unbelievable to watch, but in a certain way you expect it, Head Coach Steve Kerr said to the appearance of his proved and supplemented: That It is probably what you mean as true size. You want to see it yourself, so the fans would come and then it happens. Curry is a special player and a special personality.

In fact, curry gave his team in the fourth neighborhood, which went with 36: 8 to Golden State, all of what it needs from a leadership in such a phase. In a few minutes, the two-digit residue history, the chef coach shone as a sniper and preparation and worried his team the lead. The Warriors-avalanche had long since come to roles, also the reservists around Damion Lee and Demand America helped now actively.

Curry not to stop: As in a street fight with Mike Tyson

While curry himself justified the comeback especially with the improved defense ( finally we could generate stops ), teammate Juan Toscano-Anderson put the man of the game at the center and delivered a curious comparison: Its like youre in one Road fight and would have Mike Tyson on your side. Of course, you are extremely self-confident because you know that Mike Tyson blind people.

Curry went after a collision with James harden in the game against the Nets even with problems on the hip in the game, in the back-to-back against Detroit he could now get a break ( It has hurt pretty much. We have to look at that again ). Nevertheless, the lesser did not stop him that he further expanded his historical figures anyway.

An excerpt: After 15 season games, curry stands at 85 sank threes (the pistons as team 150!). He has broken the best value of the NBA history of 80 threes. Of course, he held this himself (2018/19). For the 38th time in his career he met at least 9 distant folds. Two place in this list follows James Harden with 9 such games.

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[BREAKING] Stephen A. reacts Steph Curry scores 40-pts leads Warriors rally to beat Cavaliers 104-89

There it is not surprising that Toscano-Anderson complies with the team with the currently the best balance of league (13-2): Each team, which number 30 has in the team, can play the title. You have the best basketball player of the World. It makes a lot of fun, he makes the game so much easier. I appreciate it very much that I have this opportunity and a part of it, while he writes story and breaks all these records.


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